Hello there! We are Nifty Dogs.

From additive-filled treats to plastic toys, it seems like most dog products don’t care much about the health of our dogs or the earth. Nifty Dogs is here to change that.

We make, source and deliver environmentally conscious, high quality dog essentials that you and your dog can feel good about. 

This is what we believe.

The dog industry creates too much trash and uses materials & processes that are unsustainable. 

We strive for zero waste and to have a net positive impact on the earth.

It is our responsibility to make the best choices for people, dogs and the planet with what we know.

We are committed to changing our minds and our actions as we learn new things.

Social justice and environmental justice are deeply and inextricably connected to each other.

We work to combat environmental racism, oppression and discrimination.

It's one thing to talk the talk.

And this is who we are.

Here is Lauren and Joey. Joe is the original Nifty Dog. Nifty Dog became Nifty Dogs when we took in our first foster dog Shaggy in December 2020.

Double the dogs needed double the supplies, and we couldn’t find a truly environmentally conscious all in one solution for our dog essentials. So we made our own.

We call Toronto, Ontario, home. You can find us chasing the sun, sticks, and good times.

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