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  • Apple, Oat and Egg Bites

    Little training bites to put in your pockets

    $11.50 each (before discount)
  • Pumpkin and PB Bites

    Irresistible crunchy snacks with fibre

    $11.50 each (before discount)
  • Sweet Potato Chews

    Extra large n' chewy slices

    $11.50 each (before discount)
  • Sweet Potato Sticks

    Dogs deserve sweet potato fries too

    $9.50 each (before discount)
  • Dried Beef Liver Bites

    High in protein & preservative-free

    $11.50 each (before discount)
  • Poop Bags

    ASTM-6400 compostable in industrial facilities. 1 roll = 15 bags.

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