Welcome to our community of environmentally and socially conscious dogs and people.

We provide thoughtful, sustainable solutions for your dog's treats and gear from Ontario-made treats & chews in compostable packaging to climbing rope leashes and upccycled tug toys.

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  • Our Story

    From additive-filled treats to plastic toys, it seems like most dog products don’t care much about the health of our dogs, our communities or the earth. Nifty Dogs was born to change that.

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  • Our Commitment

    We strive for zero-waste and offset all of our estimated carbon emissions. Plus, 1% of all sales are donated to Indigenous-led environmental organizations in Canada.

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  • Our Community

    Through our Extra Nifty Dogs program, 8% of sales can be donated to local grassroots organizations that support social & environmental justice organizations in our communities.

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Reduce → Reuse

The most sustainable gear is the gear you already have - or the gear that someone else has, but doesn't want or need anymore.

So, we created Thrifty Dogs! It's an online community where folks can trade, buy and sell their gently used or unwanted dog gear.

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