Our Community

The Nifty Dogs vision is a more socially conscious and environmentally sustainable community of dogs and their owners. The drivers of change in this industry and for this community are its people: the treats and products are just the vehicle to get us there! Nifty Dogs and their people make this whole movement possible.

Who are Extra Nifty Dogs?

Our community lives both online and in real life, but the place we connect with the most with people and dogs is on social media. Extra Nifty Dogs are folks who are particularly engaged with Nifty Dogs in the world of social media and act as brand ambassadors, creators, activists and connectors within their own communities. We currently have a team of 8 Extra Nifty Dogs.

Each person on that team chooses a local, grassroots organization that is meaningful to them and focuses on social and/or environmental justice. They then get a code to share with their friends and family, and that code is for an 8% discount on the order AND an 8% donation towards their chosen organization. This is our way of supporting initiatives that are important to our community while growing it at the same time. Learn more and hang out with us all on Instagram!

Photoshopped image of 10 dogs on a bright, snowy beach
Here is a list of our Extra Nifty Dogs and the organizations they support:

Annie - Stella's Place

Stella's Place is "THE place for young adults in Toronto who are experiencing mental health challenges to get the support they need." They provide peer support, clinical services, employment support, wellness, art and recovery programs and fill a much needed void of mental health services in the city. Their vision is a community of healthy, resilient young adults living the lives they choose.

Boba - Save Rez Dogs

Save Rez Dogs is an Indigenous based grassroots initiative & a call to action for First Nation communities to gather resources and develop their own dog management plans. Founder Leah Arcand from Muskeg Lake Cree Nation, started the hashtag “#saverezdogs” while teaching a lands based program called Miyo Pimatsowin in Thunderchild First Nation in 2016. 

Boss & Queenie - Platform

Platform is on a mission to build leadership capacity among young Black, Indigenous, and racialized women and gender-diverse youth to advance gender equity and justice. By centring the lived experiences of marginalized young women and gender-diverse youth in their work, they are creating a platform to amplify issues and solutions that are often dismissed within civic institutions and mainstream discourse. 

Dandi - Charlie's Freewheels

Charlie’s Freewheels uses bicycles to support the development of empowered young leaders, and self-assured young cyclists. They do this by improving youth access to bicycles, facilitating bicycle-related skill development, and inspiring youth to ride with confidence.

Nala - Working for Change

Working for Change is a grassroots Social Justice organization, built by community members to create their own solutions to poverty, stigma and various forms of marginalization. Working for Change serves as the umbrella organization for several social enterprises. This allows them to tackle social issues, improve people’s lives, and support communities. They also offer leadership, pre-employment training programs and run a speakers bureau.

Poco - Community Music Schools of Toronto

Community Music Schools of Toronto is all about kids thriving through music. They give children and youth a rich and rewarding music and social education, by removing the financial obstacle. In addition to bringing music to kids in Regent Park and Jane Finch, they also give a music education to Indigenous students at Wandering Spirit School and young newcomers to Canada.

Theo - The Bitove Method

The Bitove Method is a space of creativity, engagement, learning, and connection for older adults living with memory loss. They work with a relational caring philosophy which focuses on the power of connecting, and of challenging the deep stigmas of dementia and aging. Their virtual classes explore a plethora of arts and are designed for older adults living with memory loss, their care partners, artists and students.⁠

A Special Shoutout!

Four incredibly talented creatives and photographers helped to make the Nifty Dogs website happen. Please check out more of their work!