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Guide to Sustainable Enrichment for Dogs by Briahna Hendey

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This comprehensive guide to sustainable enrichment for your dogs will give you tools, tricks and practical examples of ways to meet your dog's needs in a rewarding manner without buying anything new. 

It was developed and written by Briahna Hendey of @boba.the.sustainable.mutt, an Environmental Social Scientist who shows how to live sustainably with her dog Boba. Boba himself spent the first year of his life as a rez dog in Northern Manitoba (Norway House Cree Nation).

So get excited, because this guide is packed full of goodies! Best of all - all proceeds are donated directly to Save Rez Dogs, an Indigenous based grassroots initiative & a call to action for First Nation communities to gather resources and develop their own dog management plans.

They are a crowd-funded initiative, so providing them with the resources needed to aid communities is critical! Learn more here.

We hope this guide brings you and your dog joy, fulfillment, and a closer bond.