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Nifty Dogs

Nifty Dogs Classic Crewneck Sweatshirt

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Meet the thoughtfully-made, locally sourced, socially conscious crewneck of your dreams! After a long process, we bring you a product that seeks to minimize the environmental & social impact of producing new things and supports our local community.

  • Fabrics are milled & dyed in Toronto, Ontario
  • Garments are also cut & sewn in Toronto, Ontario
  • Sweatshirts are made with ethical labour
  • High-quality sweatshirt construction is built to last
  • Pre-shrunk, heavyweight 400 GSM fleece
  • Artwork is paid for & commissioned to a local female artist based in Toronto
  • Design is screen printed in Kensington Market, Toronto
  • Environmental impact of shipping materials is reduced by using local vendors
  • Vintage-inspired art depicts the beauty of life with a dog in Ontario's freshwater wilderness

See below for product details on environmental impact, quality, sourcing and sizing.

Ethically & Locally Made

These sweatshirts are cut and sewn from fabric that is also milled and dyed right here in Toronto, Ontario. We commissioned a local artist, Katia Engell, to design the artwork.

To keep things extra close to home, the sweatshirts are individually screen printed by hand down the street from Nifty Dogs HQ in the heart of Kensington Market, Toronto.

All of this supports our local community and minimizes the environmental impact of shipping parts & pieces that contribute to the final product. It also ensures that just wages are paid to those who work to bring these sweatshirts to life.

Quality Materials Made to Last

Made of durable, heavyweight 400 GSM fleece with a traditional yet complementary fit, these sweatshirts are built to last. The fabric softens with wear but will last the test of time.

The fleece is cut across the grain, which allows the front and back panels to stretch with the movement of your body and wear better over time. Ribbed side panels and premuin cuffs on the sleeves and the waist add function and style. The sweatshirt features flatlock seam construction throughout, which keeps the look clean and cozy inside and out.

Made from 100% cotton milled & dyed in Toronto. The fabric is pre-washed for superior shrinkage results.

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