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Nifty Dogs

The Havarti Handle

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The Havarti Handle is our take on the Traffic Handle or Grab Tab. Keep this 10-inch handle attached to your dog for a variety of reasons. This is a versatile piece! Here are some ways you can use it:

  • Attach it to your dog for off-leash security on hikes or at the park
  • Upgrade your existing leash by adding this and creating a traffic handle
  • Attach it to the handle-end of your existing leash if you prefer the feel of the rope
  • Use it as a keychain for yourself

The handle comes in two styles: Standard and Grab Tab. The Standard is a classic open handle shape and is easier to grab securely on the go. You have the option of adding a floating o-ring. The Tab is a closed handle, with a cord wrap and o-ring on the end. This keeps the handle "closed" unless you put your hand through it and makes it less likely that your dog's legs (or anything else) will get caught in it.

*Please always use caution and always supervise anything that is attached to your dog when off-leash

Upcycled Climbing Rope

8mm diameter ropes: upcycled (unwanted/used) climbing rope. A lighter weight, durable option. Great for smaller dogs, dogs that don't pull as much, and those looking for something super light.

9.8mm diameter ropes: upcycled (unwanted/used) climbing rope. A sturdy option that feels good in your hands. Still lightweight, but the thicker rope gives a bit more control and comfort for bigger/stronger dogs that pull.

Other rope leashes use metal or plastic hardware to join the rope together. To keep our leashes lightweight, simple and reliable, we opted to join these points using a technique called a "sewn splice". Under the 100% recycled PET black cord that wraps around the joints, we hand-sew 12-20 double stitches with a thick waxed thread made for leathercraft. The thread has a breaking point of 42lbs, so the overall strength of the splice will hold almost as much force as the rope itself. This way, you don't need to worry about it breaking if your dog pulls or lunges for a pigeon!

Hardcore Hardware

Our leashes come with your choice of an auto-locking carabiner or a non-locking carabiner. They are both lightweight, strong and made from aviation aluminum. They can withstand 500kg of force. The auto-locking carabiner won't accidentally come undone, however they do take more time and dexterity to clip on and off. They also require a bit more maintenance, as when dirt gets in the locking mechanism they can become a little sticky.

The non-locking carabiner is easy to use and just as strong without the extra layer of security. Both feature a swivel that keeps things tangle-free.

The black-plated o-ring is welded for strength and durability. This allows you to use it for accessories and as a versatile attachment point.

Note that the black coating on all hardware will wear over time. This only affects the look, not the functionality.

Handmade to Order

Each leash is handmade in Toronto, Ontario and inspected carefully before it leaves our workshop. Due to the time and care each one takes, the turnaround time for leashes is currently 2 weeks.

Infinity Guarantee

This leash is yours for life, because it will live on this earth for hundreds of years after you do. Let's make sure we make the most of that time!

We aim to be near-zero waste and minimize the plastic we use from start to finish. Even though our ropes are already getting a second life as they are recycled and/or used, climbing rope is made out of nylon - a.k.a. plastic. That's why we aim to make these products last a lifetime and we are proud to offer repairs for life.

We guarantee that your leash will be free of defects or faulty hardware for the first 100 days. If you find something wrong in those first 100 days, we will repair it or replace it at no cost. After that, if any part of your leash breaks, fails or gets chewed apart, reach out to us at to start the repair process! A small fee applies to repairs.